Bringing Pétanque to Trafford

Home piste: Victoria Park, Stretford #trfpetanque

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Pétanque, Boules? What is it all about?

Pétanque is a highly skillful and strategic game that involves scoring points by getting your boule nearest the 'cochonnet'. Pétanque originated in France in around 1910. Since then, the popularity of Pétanque has grown and it is now played by millions of people worldwide, from the back streets of Marseille, to the beaches of Malaysia. The good news is Pétanque has now reached Trafford, in South Manchester!

Pétanque explained on Youtube

The essential equipment

A Piste

A rough patch of hard compressed dirt typically referred to as a piste.

A set of boules

These are available from Decathlon or direct from Obut & KTK. We have spares.

Someone to play

This can be just two individuals or a larger group of people.

A competitive spirit

Pétanque is both fun and social but everyone loves to win right?

When and where we play

Saturday Social

Try our Saturday morning group. This is perfect for those who are looking for a taster session, a great introduction into Pétanque. Free guidance, advice and plenty of fun to start the weekend.

Victoria Park, Stretford
Saturdays 10h - 13h

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Monday Melee

If you feel ready, then join us on Monday evenings for a mini competition between the brave. Be aware, there can be only one winner.

Victoria Park, Stretford
Monday 17h - 19h

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Feel The Steel

If you are out walking the dog or just taking a gentle stroll one evening in Trafford, you may find us recruiting new players #feelthesteel

Mostly Wortington Park, Sale
Mixed times, weather dependant

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Although we are keen for beginners to come along and try, we are also looking for expert players to join us, so we can play at national & international level.

Victoria Park, Stretford
Dates & times vary

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Good news! We are currently looking for players

Want to get involved? Enquire about joining us

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